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After serving in the military and working many years floating about in different industries I landed on the Idea of attending art school and working in the movie industry. I have been obsessed my whole life with the silver screen and photography, and after being in the military, a cook, an accountants assistant, in sales, and a waitress I followed the advice of a friend who said to me as I complained about the daily grind, "Why don't you just do something in the field of what you love the most?"  


It's an odd moment when you realize you have gotten advice that seems so ridiculously obvious. So - I did. I attended & graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Film & Photography and started my own company in 2012 which today is called Preserve Studio that primarily focuses on Weddings and Commercial/Corporate Projects on a larger scale with my team of incredible creatives. 


As my company (Preserve Studio) has begun to soar and become well established, I have dove deep into the world of Fine Art, Narrative, and Editorial Photography - and it has captivated me. I have woven this dramatic style into everything I capture, with the goal of conveying a visual emotional truth that reveals my subjects or captivates the onlooker. I want to make an image more than beautiful and more than a statement, I want to evoke you into awe.


Couples, Creative, Headshots, Environmental, Adventure


Shannon offers curated services to elevate your brand, small business, online presence, media identity, creatively express yourself and art, your products and so on. This process goes beyond a photoshoot and starts first with a deep dive into you goals, and how to achieve them through intentional imagery. 


Artist, Small Business or Photography Mentoring (please see mentorship page)


If starting from the ground up, Shannon can offer a combination of all of the above services along with brick and mortar interior design concepts, coaching and project management every step of the way during the building of your brand. Once completed, she curates an editorial shoot that wraps the entire brand in a stunning, literally out of this world big fat bow! 


Top Engagement Photography of 2023 by June Bug

Awarded 7 Couples & Editor's Choice, From Wedding Wire, The Knot, Two Bright Lights
Featured in 61 Publications

Made the cover of 4 Magazines


Photographed and Filmed in 14 Countries, Hundreds of Cities in the United Stated

Volunteered and lived in Nicaragua and the Philippines to support and raise fund for The Arms of Love International Organization. An orphanage aimed to not only house and love their children, but support them through college. 

Started the passion project "Redefining Beauty


Also loves fancy cocktails and horseback riding. (Just making sure you were paying attention!) 


Shannon Lea Rock with Ofelia at Preserve Studio in Stockton, California
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